Business Consultancy

We’ve had a peek behind the scenes in many types of businesses during our years of experience with marketing and online communication. Cooperation with clients usually started on the basis of online services, but when time passed, we were considered a valuable consultant in more general corporate communication issues. Nowadays consultancy is our core business.

How well do you know your audience?

Organizations want to sell products or services, or they wish to attract new employees. Start-ups usually have a clear (though not necessarily realistic) idea of the audience they wish to target. More established companies often time become blind for new possibilities.

Products and services are always a solution to something, some issue. The wider the issue, the wider the potential audience. But even when a product is suitable for everyone, there will always be a certain audience that is responsible for the highest return. Do you know who they are? And do you know how to reach them? And does this mean you should only focus on this group, or should you consider a second and a third audience as well? We are all looking to optimize our returns, so optimizing the knowledge about your audiences is key.

Audience optimization

Optimizing your returns is a combination of many factors, like purchasing, operating costs, revenue or impact (in case of non-profit organizations). We specialize in target audience optimization. Which audience gives the desired response, how do we reach that group (through which channels) en with which message? Not only do we have a lot of experience with audience differentiation, we also offer a rich palette of communication, advertisement and pr channels, test methods, industry knowledge and network to develop a custom marketing mix for every client.

Niche audiences

When you’re looking for very specific audiences, it becomes more difficult to find them and to reach them, but also to find the right tone-of-voice to activate them. We can help you with this! We know how to combine different data sources to reach your desired audience in an original and activating way. Are you facing a problem? We see a challenge and we love it!

Middle East, Turkey, North Africa

Another area of our consultancy services focuses on international expansion to the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa. We have good knowledge of these regions, cultures and their trade ethics (which is often the biggest bottleneck for Europeans). Would you like to explore your chance of success in the Gulf region? Are you looking for export opportunities in Morocco? Or would you like to produce a clothing line in Turkey? Let us help you get started!

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