We provide workshops about sustainability, online strategy, advertising and brandstrategy. Our clients are marketing departments, freelancers en the Dutch Union for Journalism.

Workshop online strategy

In our Online Strategy workshop we teach companies to translate corporate goals into manageable partial goals. Together we’ll formulate an online plan (this plan can involve offline elements too), which usually consists of a number of organic and paid campaigns within a certain time frame, to reach optimal results. We’ll apply structure to the activities, we’ll help determine realistic budgets and which media channels will benefit the cause.

Workshop sustainability

In our workshop (or brainstorm) about sustainability we’ll spend a day with different employees from a company to determine which changes can easily be implemented to make big changes. In our experience, the best ideas usually come from the inside, but are not utilized until properly appointed.

Workshop online advertising

In our workshop online advertising, we actively teach the available online advertising programs, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Search, Google Display and Bing. This course is always custom designed to the wishes and expertise level of our client. Together we’ll explore the possibilities and details of each program and we’ll advise our customer about the channels and tools that best match the desired results.

Workshop brand strategy or (online) identity

This workshop is very popular amongst freelancers, like authors , journalists and artists. Every market demands for active online presence, but not everyone is comfortable with this. We provide this workshop for both groups and individuals. First we’ll explore who our client is and what image he’d like to share with the world. Next we’ll determine which type of content matches this image, what feels comfortable and which frequency of content is realistic within his capacity. Last we’ll advise about the right online channels and we’ll help setting up consistency.


We have several standard packages, but we always love to customize our workshops based on the needs of ourclient. Please contact us if you like more information or request a date.

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