About JB

JB Business Consultancy advises and supports organizations that face communication challenges regarding sustainability, inclusion and niche audiences in the Netherlands, or in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa. Are you looking for intercultural marketing advice? Or are you looking to expand your market abroad? We can help!


JB Business Consultancy (formerly JB Promotions) advises and supports organizations from a wide variety of industries with the development and implementation of communication and marketing strategies. Our key objectives are inclusion and sustainability, socially, physically and economically. Our experience, creative angle and pro-active approach with the branding of new projects, products and events, has been of great value for many small businesses as well as large corporations in the past years.


Because of a large number of projects in culture and entertainment, the public sector and the tourist industry, we specialized in corporate communication that targets niche audiences, such as expats, immigrants and tourists. But our smart methods, that employ online data, AB testing and other available resources, have proven to be successful with other types of audience differentiation as well.

Middle East, North Africa and Turkey

Our experience with Islamic, Arab and Turkish audiences in the Netherlands led us to great understanding of these cultures in general. We participated in a variety of trade missions and business trips to a.o. Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco and Palestina and expanded our knowledge and network. Nowadays we confidently share our knowledge of cultural differences, sensitivities and trade ethics with clients that like to expand their market to any of these regions. We carefully build and maintain our international networks, because we like to stay close to the market and create opportunities for promising corporate matches.

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