Communication Strategy

A communication strategy can concern all corporate communication, or only a certain part of it. After determining the goals and concerning target audiences, we advise organizations about messages, channels, resources, planning and budgets. If desired, we take full responsibility of the implementation and execution as well.

Communication is more than advertisement

Communication is an essential part of a business operation. For commercial enterprises as wel as for the non profit industry, communication is necessary to raise awareness for products and services. But also communication about human resources, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and results contributes to the positive positioning of an organization. These different communication flows may target different (internal and external) audiences, but it’s important that they radiate unity.

Target audiences

Small businesses tend to focus their communication efforts on the attraction of new customers, usually through advertising. As companies grow, they start considering other stakeholders, like investors, the labour market, employees and, very important, existing customers. Marketing departments usually spend most of their time on sales issues, but the targeted customer might also be a potential employee or investor. That’s why an unambiguous and global communication strategy is very important.

Communication palette

Depending on the organization’s requirements and resources, all audiences can be reached with online and offline media. There is a wide range of channels at hand, like ads and advertorials in traditional media (papers and magazines), television commercials, outdoor, social media, private magazines, real time bidding online display, websites, SEO and PR.

Communication strategy

A communication strategy includes a plan of manifestations, messages, channels and budgets, that reaches the required audiences during a certain period of time, in order to achieve the corporate objectives. We help organizations to appoint and distinguish these facets and formulate a clear plan for execution. We identify the audiences, we determine a concept and a realistic timeline and we advise about budgets and resources that are necessary to obtain the objectives. Depending of our client’s wishes, we either develop a strategy that can be executed internally, or we develop and execute ourselves.

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